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Independent consultants, unlike salaried employees, receive no benefits, no paid holidays, and no paid breaks. They have to pay thousands of dollars for training, software licenses, high end computing systems, and marketing costs out of pocket too. Most importantly, they don’t have any security in their job.

Software consultants need to be as knowledgeable as any Software Architect, and the salary you’d expect to pay would be no less. However, with a consultant, you have the option not to renew the term, avoiding severance cost you’d otherwise have to pay if you employed a full time Software Architect instead.

Engineers often have to solve some of the most difficult technical problems in the world. Today, it is considered one of the most gruelling undergraduate degrees to acquire. If you think understanding source code is complex, you’d be right! Just because we understand it, doesn’t mean we find it simple. It takes years of practice to be able to visualize the bugs in code, simply by reading it. It also causes more mental stress, than most people are willing to deal with.

A lot of inexperienced technical people are shocked when they discover that the top engineers make more than executives do in some companies! Rightfully, they should. If their job is tougher, why would they take less money?

Also, in case you doubt the complexity of the problems that need to be solved, here’s a list of the smartest professionals. You aren’t just paying for technical services; you are paying for a mind that can provide creative ways to solve the most difficult problems, too.

2019 Rates

Phone or email consultation (up to 15 minutes) FREE!
Contractor rate (projects that require 3 days or longer to develop): $80/hr*
Consultant rate (Short term troubleshooting and advisory services, less than 3 days): $100/hr*
* You only pay for the hours worked. Holidays and breaks are not billable. However, travel time, remote network access configuration times, meetings and work related phone calls, are. The minimum invoice amount is $200.

If you are unfamiliar with setting up a a contract with a contractor, here’s a standard template you can modify and use with your organization. It covers most of the bases.