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If you’re looking for work, please email us your resume! We’re always looking for brilliant minds that haven’t gotten their dues. No matter your line of work, it takes a team of several strong personalities to make any project succeed.

Investors are also desperately needed too. Panther Software has developed numerous prototype applications in the past 5 years, without any seed money granted at all! The engineering costs are only one aspect of business development, and these projects need capital and expertise in other domains of business to succeed. Well connected individuals that can lend their support, are more than welcome too!

If you are a business looking for short term consulting services, or have a small project that you think we can handle, send a message, after you’ve reviewed the rates we charge. Consulting services are subject to availability.

Please, no solicitors

Panther Software has enough projects of inspiration on the go. If you have what you think is a great idea, but don’t have the finances in place to make it happen yet, please do not contact us. Unfortunately, a lot of people have great ideas, and if you can’t sell it to the bank, you won’t sell it to us, given our current workload.

Phone (204) 951-6180
Brent Lamoureux
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Methods of contact

If you are interested in consulting services, have a piece work contract to offer, a resume, or are interested in investing your time or money in one of our current projects, you can contact Brent at: