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Current Projects

Panther Software is in the process of developing its own product lines. Though still offering consulting services, it is actively seeking investment from people or organizations that can provide the necessary financial and labour capital needed for these projects to succeed.

Though software and engineering design is one of the biggest expenses (and more iterations are still needed), marketing, legal, accounting, support, machinery and material costs have substantial cost to them too. A lot of the risk has already been mitigated in the design of these projects, since they are all working prototypes, but they will not get their chance on the market without a little investor help.

I you are have the assets, and are motivated by the concept of these projects, please contact us!

Window Robot

Window Robot

The Window Robot promises to be one of the simplest and most efficient green energy products on the market. Currently in the alpha release stage, the device can theoretically pay off its purchase cost in 5 years or less, depending on the climate.

How does it do this? Well, it’s basically a robot you install in your wall or window that monitors outside air temperature. When it sees cooler air available, it pulls it into your home. It also looks at the forecast temperature, and brings in extra cool air, when it sees it will be needed. It has both indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature sensors, to calculate the heat index of both air masses, and a phone app that lets you customize several settings.

The fundamental flaw with air conditioning, is that it does not react to black-body radiation. So, several hours after the outdoor air is cold enough to cool your place in the evenings, the thermostat in your home tells your air conditioner to stay on, costing you up to a dollar per day on some summer days.

The Window robot perfectly analyzes the situation, whether you are sleeping, or out of the house, and manages this free cooling energy for you. If you can save $100 per year with a $500 device, why wouldn’t you?

You can, and should, install a Window Robot, even if you already have central air conditioning. Especially, in an area that is far away from your home’s thermostat. Aside from the energy savings, it better balances your home’s temperature throughout. Not only that, after early testing of the device in 2018, a noticeable improvement in air quality was detected, having substantially more fresh air circulated in the home.

Now, even if you think you can manage your windows as well as the WR can, you’d be mistaken. Unless you never sleep, never leave the home, and operate a humidex calculator, there is no way you can manage even half the energy savings the robot does. And, why would you?

If you are designing a new home, you could install one of these in the wall, and substantially reduce the cost of windows that require hardware to open and close. Why pay several thousand for that when a few hundred dollars does it better?

It’s not to say windows that manually open and close are obsolete. In cases where your home’s airflow creates localized hot spots, you would still want to be able to open a window or two, to accelerate the cooling process, when it is convenient.

As of 2019, Panther Software is seeking more beta testers to install these units in the Winnipeg area. You will have to pay for the unit, and it will take a few months before the beta units are ready. Payment is due on delivery only. As well, if you are interested in investing in the idea, please send us a message. The design is ready, but capital is needed for the first production runs. However, we are also considering the development of a modified version to enter in the global cooling prize contest, which requires refrigerant expertise. A top 10 qualifier will earn $200,000, and the winning design gets an additional $1 million!

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Kickboxing and Muay Thai official statics website

Admittedly, Panther Software doesn’t know much about the sport. However a friend to the company, who is an avid enthusiast and well-connected in the industry, convinced us to develop a CMS based system to enter and track records for events and fighters around the world. Since then, it’s become apparent that this could be as big as the UFC, in the years to come.

A bit of research indicates that this is one of the fastest growing sports in eastern Asia. Also, it is one of the most disorganized in terms of record keeping. Therefore the goal here, is to eventually have this website one of the official record keepers of the sports, or at the very least, a source for enthusiasts to go to, for news and statistics.

Currently, most media outlets in North America, have little to no coverage of Kickboxing or Muay Thai. Advertising revenues, as the sport grows here, could be worthwhile, being one of the earliest to market.

The budget for this project is substantially lower than other projects, since it is relatively simple to engineer from a computing perspective. The business model is simple too. Get lots of view, and generate revenue through Google AdSense, paid subscribers, or sponsors.

If you are interested in the sport, want to invest in it, or, would like to sponsor the website with advertising rights, please contact us. The system is approximately 65% complete, before the beta version can be released to the public. There is a huge list of features we’d like to add to it, but enthusiasm from outside investors will govern the progress of this project.

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Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive and complicated projects Panther Software has ever worked on. The basic system was released in beta in 2016, after nearly 2 years of development, and can be seen here. In total, the system comprises 4 separate server applications; a user portal, an advertiser portal, the main site you see in the link, and a button portal, for people to put the AdPtz button on their website (similar to a Facebook like button server).

The fundamental concept of AdPtz is to improve the way advertising works. Instead of injecting unsavory ads in content that most people are interested in, the system pays you handsomely for your time, to look at them voluntarily. You pick a limited set of interests, enter your demographics information, and you see products and information you might be interested in, but wouldn’t necessarily know to even search for in Google. The net time people would do this each day, is calculated to be less than the time they already waste dealing with ad injection systems.

This methodology is simply more efficient for everyone involved. And, because advertisers pay the customers directly to look at their ads, it conceivably influences the market response this form of advertising would achieve.

Unlike other similar systems that do not verify the viewing of the ad, AdPtz does, and therefore has value. The process requires the user to find a social media button on the web content they are viewing, at a rate no faster than once every 90 seconds. CAPTCHA checks ensure no automated processes can perform this action.

In addition, because you volunteer your information for payments, it is not infringing on your privacy rights, a problem other social media conglomerates seem to overlook.

Another aspect of this system is the fundamental understanding that the world is getting more and more automated. The truth is, most jobs are not essential anymore, and millions of people effectively do a job, that a machine could do. The unemployment rates (or people’s free time), therefore, can expect to grow, without the creation of these artificial jobs. However, why wouldn’t a government, instead of giving out free money to support these unemployed people, add a contingency to it? People should educate themselves on the goings on in the community, the world, healthier living concepts (ie, drug abuse), and useful products on the market, before they can spend that money shouldn’t they? Maybe, just maybe, the problem with a lot of free market systems, is that too many consumers, are simply ignorant to how they should spend money? I would love to collaborate with a government agency on this one, if they could see these benefits as well.

The system is in a working beta state, but unfortunately has stagnated for the past year, with virtually no help from outsiders to make it grow. There is a long list of improvements to make, but it would require investors, or, sponsorship from an organization for this to get done. Please contact us if you have any suggestions, or would be interested in supporting its growth.

CRM Image

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

This was Panther Software’s first major project since becoming fully independent in 2014. It works similarly to the Salesforce system, but with a few enhancements to better promote sales.

The basic concept is to have a consolidated cloud based interface that tracks interactions with current and future customers in real time. In addition to user inputted history events, it also diarizes flagged emails in a central database, and links them to the details of the product. This therefore allows you to update the transaction data from any mobile device’s email application, without needing special software installed. On the desktop web browser, it lets you view all interactions between yourself and the customer. It has coaching templates on how to approach different situations, and a very slick rolodex feature that can prioritize customer issues. When it is ultimately complete, it will tie in with accounting and inventory applications.

Ultimately, it is a system that consolidates data records for large free-form transactions, suitable in many industries.

While the concept is sound, the competitors in this market received enough financial investment to offer the service at a loss, making it difficult to compete for an unfunded start-up. However, the market is still expanding, so even a small share of it would justify the completion of it.

The application is about 50% complete, from being a viable piece of software many local businesses could benefit from. It is especially well suited for any company that does large singular transactions, with add-ons over time, such as real estate or the auto industry. It would work well for any business that sells products to the commercial or industrial sector, because of the precision of the system.

Salesforce, Zoho and other CRM systems can get expensive to use, when you enable all the features your business needs. In fact, after analyzing these costs, many companies prefer to develop their own in-house system instead. For that reason, wouldn’t it make sense to develop a system your own company could use along-side a few other local companies in Manitoba? Splitting the development costs would ultimately cost the same as licensing out an existing system, but you could get equity in it too. Or, flat out save money.

If you would like to be a beta tester, or invest in the product further, please contact us. Keep in mind there needs to be more than one business on board here, unless you want to seed the project and move it forward at your own risk.