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Founded in 2002, Panther Software has developed dozens of commercially viable software applications used around the world today. With numerous innovative projects on the go, Panther Software is expecting to be transitioning from a services company, into a full-fledged corporate entity in the coming years.

That’s not say we’re not available for consulting or contracting services anymore, we’re willing and able to take on short term work, to keep the lights on, while other projects flesh themselves out.

Software and business services

Most IT consulting firms have a stable of professionals with a variety of different technical specializations. They have an office to maintain, and a team of managers to deal with all aspects of the enterprise. The consultants in these firms get paid regardless if they have work, or not. Panther Software, on the other hand, runs out of a home office, and has a network of contacts that work from home offices too, should the scope of the project be large enough.

If you have a project that requires full time management, your best bet is to hire full time staff. However, when the lifecycle of your project is hard to assess, your best bet is to hire a contractor. This saves you time looking for qualified staff, negotiating salaries and mitigates the risk of severance payments, should things not work out. These projects fail more often than they succeed, and even an expert can find it challenging to develop some ideas.

Critical thinking

Plato once said ‘A good decision is based on knowledge, not on numbers’. The solution to your business operation problem is not always found in the software itself. In most cases, the real value of a consultant is in the independent analysis of how you operate. Quite often, a simple omission in your processes can cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars every year. In many cases, employees are glad not to point these flaws, since it increases their job security.

That said, there’s two common business flow problems you’ll typically see; old businesses that need to modernize processes, and newer businesses, that still haven’t gotten theirs fully figured out. Regardless of the case, Panther Software can help improve the financial or social condition of your organization through advice, or with better technologies.