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2009 Summer Champions


Team Awards


Division Winners

Men's A: Dark Wolf

Men's B: S Aces

Men's C/D: Outlawz

Men's E: Balls Deep

Men's F1: S A S

Men's F2: M O T U

Coed A: Banic Express

Coed B/C: Drunkin Irish

Coed D: Pimps and Hoes

Coed E (A): Dirty 3rds

Coed E (B): Minstral Cycle

Coed Sundays: Dare Devils



Individual Awards
Coed A Name  Team Mens A Name  Team
Most Valuable Player Lori McGavin N F J Most Valuable Player Andrew Chartrand Dark Wolf
Most Sportmanlike Player Dannielle Desjardins Banic Express Most Sportmanlike Player Cam McLeod Jets
Rookie of the Year Adrian Garden GoalDiggers Rookie of the Year David Dola Trunk Monkeys
Most Valuable Goaltender Dwayne Rose Banic Express Most Valuable Goaltender Colin Grantham Trunk Monkeys
Coed B/C Name  Team Mens B Name  Team
Most Valuable Player Alex Tietsma D Irish Most Valuable Player John Philips P N S
Most Sportmanlike Player Lisa Glowasky Red Rum Most Sportmanlike Player James McRae Adjusters
Rookie of the Year Luke Anderson Chiefs Rookie of the Year Matt Hansen Smokin Aces
Most Valuable Goaltender Kieth Dixon Red Rum Most Valuable Goaltender Cory Modor Smokin Aces
Coed D Name  Team Mens C/D Name  Team
Most Valuable Player Jeff Mattern Pimps and Hoes Most Valuable Player Andre Dumont Element
Most Sportmanlike Player Chantal Tetrault Toast Most Sportmanlike Player Colin Cadieux French Connection
Rookie of the Year Jesse Pasternak Da Bears Rookie of the Year N A N A
Most Valuable Goaltender Richard Touminen Slackers Most Valuable Goaltender Jeremie Chartrand Element
Coed E Name  Team Mens E Name  Team
Most Valuable Player John Martens M Cycle Most Valuable Player Josh Pauls Coppertops
Most Sportmanlike Player Stacie Turner Melons Most Sportmanlike Player Brian Bannerman Balls Deep
Rookie of the Year Ashley Smith Tightey Whiteys Rookie of the Year Mick Tyfisher Coppertops
Most Valuable Goaltender Jay Shultz T + A Most Valuable Goaltender Mike Kapty Broken Nets
Coed Sundays Name  Team Mens F1 Name  Team
Most Valuable Player Jeremy Roulette Racks and Sacks Most Valuable Player Riley McVickar Rhubarb Crisp
Most Sportmanlike Player Mike Monita Out Of The Blue Most Sportmanlike Player Oscer Rarana Express
Rookie of the Year Brittney Ford Raging Bulls Rookie of the Year Brandon Rewucki Rhubarb Crisp
Most Valuable Goaltender Kieth Code Sticks Most Valuable Goaltender Sean Hayward Crease Violators
    Mens F2 Name  Team
    Most Valuable Player George Gavrailoff Paid In Full
    Most Sportmanlike Player Phout Vonghamchanh D B C N
    Rookie of the Year David Flynn Paid In Full
    Most Valuable Goaltender James Beeston Shenanigans