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2008 Summer Champions


Team Awards
Men's A/B: Dark Wolf

Coed A: Banick Express

Men's C: Team Discovery Channel

Coed Tuesdays: Sexy Party


Men's D: Balls Deep

Coed E1: Team Negative

Men's E: Express

Coed E2: Toast

Men's F: The Bears

Coed Sundays: Raging Bulls

Men's A/B B Side: Goodfellas

Coed E2 B Side: A-Stars


Individual Awards
Coed A Name  Team Mens A/B Name  Team
Most Valuable Player Guy Lafleur Bannock Express Most Valuable Player Shawn Derkatch Dark Wolf
Most Sportmanlike Player Ruth Maendel Last Pornstars Most Sportmanlike Player Sean Best Adjusters
Rookie of the Year Teal Bowman Red Rum Rookie of the Year Joe Cefali Dark Wolf
Most Valuable Goaltender Dave Meier N F J Most Valuable Goaltender Colin Grantham Trunk Monkeys
Coed Tuesdays Name  Team Mens C Name  Team
Most Valuable Player David Dole Speedy Pylons Most Valuable Player Dan Foidart T D C
Most Sportmanlike Player Mel Kubas Castaways Most Sportmanlike Player Kevin Morgan Red Knights
Rookie of the Year Colleen Clarke Drunkin Irish Rookie of the Year Ryan Labonte Red Knights
Most Valuable Goaltender Andrew Moore Speedy Pylons Most Valuable Goaltender Mike Johnson T D C
Coed E1 Name  Team Mens D Name  Team
Most Valuable Player Bart Lange Murder Most Valuable Player Dustin Waite Balls Deep
Most Sportmanlike Player Ray Ross Insert + Squirt Most Sportmanlike Player Jiri Skopalek Kings
Rookie of the Year Larissa Maslenko Murder Rookie of the Year Shaun Sperber Balls Deep
Most Valuable Goaltender Kieth Code Icewipes Most Valuable Goaltender Vic Cabral A + H
Coed E2 Name  Team Mens E Name  Team
Most Valuable Player Robert Lafreniere Trades and Spades Most Valuable Player Guy Lafluer Express
Most Sportmanlike Player Paul Gagne Toast Most Sportmanlike Player Donald Beardy Eagles
Rookie of the Year David Sasaki L O T R Rookie of the Year Scott Wagner Out of Shape
Most Valuable Goaltender Dan Gagnon Toast Most Valuable Goaltender Corey Anderson Out of Shape
Coed Sundays Name  Team Mens F Name  Team
Most Valuable Player Dave Lunenburg Jeffery's Most Valuable Player Darcy Dejardin  B Y L
Most Sportmanlike Player Brenda Cabral Out Of Blue Most Sportmanlike Player Dan Craig Broken Nets
Rookie of the Year Nancy Limneos Jeffery's Rookie of the Year Mike Pirrie Bears
Most Valuable Goaltender Dennis Desrosiers Chiefs Most Valuable Goaltender Dave Meier Broken Nets


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