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2004 Winter Champions

Winners Side Team     Winners Side Team
Coed S B- Side Out Of Blue     Men's D A- Side Fuel
Coed S A- Side Pimps+Hoes     Men's C B- Side S Wumbley
Coed D  B- Side Derum     Men's C A- Side Weapon X
Coed D A- Side L O T R     Men's B B- Side B.Hounds
Coed C B- Side S Hoehns     Men's B A- Side Mona Lisa
Coed C A- Side W. Perverts     Men's A A- Side Ravens
Coed B A- Side B Barons     Floor B- Side Crusaders
Coed A A- Side L Pornstars     Floor A- Side Blazers


      Individual Winners   Winter/04      
Award Coed A Team     Award Men's A Team
M V P Derek Honer L Puppies     M V P Mark Figueredo Ravens
M S P Reed Katchmar O M S     M S P Jason Abraham B N B
M V G Allan Young L Pornstars     M V G Lori McGavin SWAT
ROOKIE Dallas  Wiebe 4 Play     ROOKIE Jason Mallett Challenge
Award Coed B Team     Award Men's B Team
M V P Brent Oliver J+J     M V P James Anastasio Punishers
M S P Leeanna Sholdice B Barons     M S P Glen  Lake RiffaRuse
M V G Rob Sarna B Barons     M V G Nelson Arruba Mona's
ROOKIE Darryl Lucking Excalibur     ROOKIE N A N A N A
Award Coed C Team     Award Men's C Team
M V P Dan Jacques B Burst     M V P Frederic Cote Nordique
M S P Lindsay Calvez Murder     M S P Greame Nimenan Hulkaman
M V G Mike Pirre' Wiggy's     M V G Colin Grantmam Havok
ROOKIE Shauna Streich Wiggy's     ROOKIE Jamie Maclennan Stumbley
Award Coed D Team     Award Men's D Team
M V P Todd  Swerzel Derum     M V P Phil Beaudry Fuel
M S P Jessica Plaff X-Men     M S P Brent Lamaroux H-Boys
M V G Mike  Kapty L O T R     M V G Len Loewen Monarchs
ROOKIE Carmen Ready Reefers     ROOKIE Earl Harder C D S
Award Coed S Team     Award Men's Floor Team
M V P Monika Deshutter Juggernautz     M V P James Mcnabb Blazers
M S P Maggie Lonsdale Juggernautz     M S P Mark Bergbusch D P S
M V G Dave Meir P + H     M V G Fletch Rogers D S C
ROOKIE Dave Szarkiewiez S Meat     ROOKIE Ross Hardy S Brew