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Jeffrey's Restaurant

Cover to Cover: 1187 Pembina Hwy, 204.275.5700

Booster juice

Roadshow Sound & Light

Hemp Haven: 496 Larsen Ave, 204.693.3933

Cruise Vacations

Western Paint and Wallcovering: 521 Hargrave St. (phone 942-7271) and 1510 St. Marys Road (phone 256-7271)

Goertzen Auto Service

Central Canadian Decorating: 301 Princess St. (off) 947-9625 (fax) 943-4168 (cell) 941-0715

Sherwin Williams


Sundial Service

Burger King

Panther Software

Cohort Custom Tickets

Pepsi Canada


2004 Summer Champions

Floor Champs

(A) Pornstars

(B) Daddy Phat Sax
MVP James McNabb (Blazers)
Rookie Cory Lamirande (Pornstars)
Sportsmanlike Terry Haliday (Madogz)
Goalie Scott Cameron (Diamondbacks)

Mens Ball Champs

(A) Snipers

(B) Beerhounds
(C) Hulkamaniacs 
MVP Carlisle Settee (Snipers)
Rookie Adam Rumsey (Rip Em)
Sportsmanlike - Ty Tran (Homeboys)
Goalie Nelson Arrude (Mona Lisa's)


Coed A Champs

Lush Puppies

MVP Brent Oliver (Lush Puppies)
Rookie Corralee Inglebeen (Last Pornstars)
Sportsmanlike Mike Pirrie (Last Pornstars)
Goalie Ken Meurrons (XXX)

Coed B (C1) Champs

(A) Beer Barons

(B) Smokin Hoehns
MVP Todd Schwerzel (Jocks + Jills)
Rookie Cheri Bergman (Beer Barons)
Sportsmanlike Melanie Kubas (Castaways)
Goalie Keith Dixon (Red Rum)

Coed C (C2) Champs

(A) X Men

(B) Dead Legs
MVP John Martens (4 Horsemen)
Rookie Jennifer Lamoureux (4 Horsemen)
Sportsmanlike Stacey Kwiatkowski (Murder)
Goalie Dan Gagnon (X Men)

Coed D/S Champs

(A) Ice Wipes

(B) Derum
MVP Brooklyn Pratt (Emesis)
Rookie Tyler Neapew (Icewipes)
Sportsmanlike Wanda Erin (Derum)
Goalie Mike Kapty (Trojans)

A good night was had by all at the social.